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About Us

A leading supply chain specialist

Company Profile

Established in Hong Kong since 1989, Ricomax is a leading exporter of Asia manufactured products. Ricomax manages the supply side of consumer products, meeting the needs of the diverse product demands of high volume, time-sensitive consumer markets. Ricomax handles a wide range of soft good and hard good categories including: garments, household items, home textiles, consumer electronics, hardware, indoor and outdoor furnishings, seasonal items, stationery, toys, and sundries, sporting goods, travel goods, premium items and gifts.


As a supply chain manager, Ricomax provides the convenience of one stop planning and purchasing for customers by offering: product and design development, production management, and quality control. Working in partnership with distributors and chain store retailers worldwide, Ricomax caters to the needs of competitive pricing, quality, on-time delivery, as well as, ethical sourcing. 

Ricomax encourages the constant search of quality conscious, cost effective producers that can deliver to a deadline. Dedicated teams of multi-lingual specialists focus on the needs of particular customers and leverage the sourcing network to service their needs. Ricomax offers reliable factory sourcing, manufacturing inspection, quality assurance, export documentation and shipping consolidation. Our aim is to coordinate quick response manufacturing in Asia, to support the demands of a fast pace global consumer market.

Our Shared Principles

At the heart of our values, Ricomax is committed to creating an environment that supports Our Shared Principles. They define who we at Ricomax are and where we are going. Our five core values describe a set of behaviors that define our company’s culture and their corresponding behaviors which connect Ricomax employees through a common language and a common approach to their jobs. Through Our Shared Principles, we have the foundation necessary to deliver on our purpose:

We do what's right.
Integrity is the impartial and honest standard by which we make decisions and take actions, large and small, everyday. In our business, integrity is mandatory, not optional.

Customer First
We succeed when you succeed.
We put our customers first, no matter what job we hold, no matter whether we work alone or as part of a team. A customer is anyone, even a co-worker, to whom we have a responsibility to help succeed.

We take personal responsibility.
We accomplish on time, on budget, as promised. Part of accountability is pulling your weight as part of a team and actively sharing information and effort.

We are diverse as people and professionals, yet our success depends on our mutual trust and teamwork. Diversity builds strength in our team. We are strongest when we are respected by our colleagues and customers encouraging contribution to our highest capabilities.


We insist on quality.
Even as we challenge each other to the highest level of achievement and quality, we also understand that growth
is born from risk.

I     C  A  R  E

Customer First


From its inception, the vision of Ricomax has been to develop and to provide value to all we serve. Today, Ricomax is a leading supply chain specialist. We do not aim to be the biggest; we just strive to be the best. Ricomax has attained its position through constant growth, innovation and sound business principles. 

“No matter where Ricomax operates in the world; this is done according to a set of principles which stipulates that we will behave in a correct and decent manner. It applies from employee relationships to all of our business partners, where the highest principles are maintained, people are inspired to deliver nothing short of the very best.” 

“With nearly two decades of experience, a distinctive multi-national perceptive, combined with comprehensive experience and goodwill; we are well positioned to meet the particular needs of a rapidly evolving global market. As we continue to extend our region of trade, it is our pleasure to offer our clients an expansive, broad range of items with the value added benefit of a complete service supply chain provider. We believe our pricing is on the competitive cutting edge, quality is assured and service is distinctly professional. At Ricomax we take pride in all that we do." 

Head Office
Ricomax (HK) Ltd
27/F, Elite Centre
22 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Banking Facilities
Heng Seng Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank


At Ricomax, we see our employees as our most valuable resource. Throughout Ricomax's nearly 20-year history, our employees have played a vital role in the Company's success. Cultivating good relationships requires a special effort on behalf of both employees and the Company. We are continuously looking for additional talent with high energy, motivation, passion and excitement with the opportunity to be part of a fast-moving customer driven company.

Contact information regarding job related matters: 

Joanne Lai 
Phone: (+852) 2544 3218
Fax: (+852) 2544 2100
Email: [email protected]

Fanny Kam 
Phone: (+852) 2544 3218
Fax: (+852) 2544 2100
Email: [email protected]

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