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Commodity Procurement Exchange

Commodities include Soybeans, Palm oil, Sugar, Cocoa beans, Coffee beans and more


Introducing Ricomax (HK) Ltd. your trusted partner in commodity procurement and trading. 
We specialize in buying and selling food commodities like soya beans, sugar, palm oil, cacao, coffee and more. With extensive industry expertise and a global network, we deliver high-quality products and exceptional service to meet the demands of the market.

Integrity, transparency, and reliability are the cornerstones of our company. 
We value long-term relationships with suppliers and clients, fostering trust and open communication. Our commitment to ethical practices and international standards is of utmost importance to us.

Our experienced team monitors market trends and connects producers and consumers through our global network. 
We prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, promoting responsible sourcing and supporting fair trade initiatives.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward for the development of mutual beneficial relationship. 

Your team at Ricomax (HK) Ltd.


Soybeans are one of the major cargoes shipped around the world
Soybeans are used for the manufacture of two principal products: soybean oil and soybean meal, the latter being the product remaining after the oil has been removed, invariably by the solvent extraction process. They also form the bases for the production of soy protein, soy coagulates (e.g. tofu), soy sauces.

Palm oil

Palm oil is the most widely-used vegetable oil in the world. It is found in approximately 60% of all packaged products in supermarkets today. It plays a significant role in the production of various items, such as cookies, where it ensures a deliciously crispy and crunchy texture.


Shipment of sugar in bulk
The raw sugar being exported is categorized as VHP (Very High Polarization), possessing lower moisture content and retaining the natural honey layer that coats the sugar crystals, lending it a color akin to honey. VHP sugar serves as a raw material for the refined sugar type commonly recognized and available in supermarkets worldwide.

Cocoa Beans

Drying cacao beans

After being fermented, the beans must be dried so that they don’t become moldy during shipping.

If the climate permits it, a popular method is sun drying, where beans are spread on trays in the sun until they are sufficiently dry.

Coffee Beans

Logistics & challenges for shipping coffee

Before they are roasted, ground, and brewed, green coffee beans are exported from producing regions around the world, and generally travel by sea freight in shipping containers.

When green coffee is shipped, time is of the essence. This is because the flavors of the beans can be influenced and irreversibly altered by undesirable odors and flavors, unwanted moisture, and even fluctuating temperatures if they sit for too long in an unmonitored environment.

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