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Employees are the strength of our company. We are a cohesive group of hardworking, dedicated professionals. We work together in teams, and treat each other and all business partners with integrity, honesty and respect. Our work environment promotes open communication, participation and innovation. At the heart of our values, Ricomax is committed to creating an environment that attracts and supports dedicated and conscientious employees. 


We are a complete service supply chain provider. We manage through experience, we access by cultivating relationships and we have developed through innovation a gateway to source plentiful, continuous, trend conscious, cost effect varieties of consumer products. Ricomax combines tailor made trading services with the right degree of personal attention. In short, our purpose is to offer a comprehensive program designed to address your needs by a team of professional supply chain specialists

Corporate Responsibility

Ricomax wishes to be an active and supportive member of the local community and will as such involve ourselves in relevant local issues. Ricomax is a member of The Hong Kong Rotary Club. Ricomax supports projects in Asia and abroad which benefit the education of children with learning differences.

Environmental Rights

Ricomax business strategy and success is pursuant of environmental responsibility. Ricomax will strive to educate employees so that they assist in environmental responsibility. Ricomax will reward suggestions for improvement of practices and procedures which will be beneficial to the environment.

Human Rights

Ricomax recognizes that all human beings are entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Ricomax will ensure that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is respected. Ricomax supports and has a proactive approach to the protection of these rights.

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